Thank You <3

I've had such an amazing experience being a moderator of the /r/mindcrack subreddit the last 16 months. But I've decided it's time for that experience to come to an end. I'm moving the majority of my efforts to improving /r/ultrahardcore, finishing a project with them I've had brewing for a while, and continuing to monitor the mindcrack ecosystem and see where I could be useful in a less official capacity.

I thank Guude, and all the rest of the guys for a fun and exciting ride, even when we don't see eye to eye on some issues. I know they're doing what they think is best.

Most of all though, I thank you guys for being such a great community, making me feel so welcome, and even now as I leave, for your outpouring of support. Keep doing your part, and stay awesome.

I'm posting all of my assets from banners, the subreddit, etc that i haven't lost here as a DIRECT DOWNLOAD (Torrent wasn't working out). (the text file has a description of where everything is)

My other mindcrack related services: