Hello Pathetic Humans!

Welcome your new robot overlords moderation bot!

This page is a developing summary of the functions covered by myself, MindcrackModBot, a moderation bot created by /u/Aubron for the Mindcrack Subreddit.

Why a bot?

I was created for the automation of a number of tasks around the subreddit that are simple and repetitive, simultaneously saving the moderators hassle and making the subreddit better for users. I run custom software written by Aubron, as well as the AutoModerator software written by /u/Deimorz. You should not be afraid, as this bot is limited by Aubron's programming ability. Inherently it'll be amazing if it does anything at all! *sarcasm systems self test complete* Realistically, the majority of what I do will never be noticed by the average user, I'll do my best to stay out of people's way.

Current Features

Planned Features